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We've changed up this data file page a little bit. The idea here is to document as much history of the USC Track Program as possible. Please email us at if you discover any errors or omissions.

Results Data (Lists of everyone who has competed for USC that was searchable. There are several thousands of names listed)

Outdoors: Men | Women

Indoors: Men | Women

Results Data by Event (updated at the end of the season)

Men: 100|200|400|800|1500|5K-10K|110H|LH|400H|SC|HJ|PV|LJ|TJ|SP|DT|HT|JT|DEC

Women: 100|200|400|800|1500|3-5-10K|100H|400H|SC|HJ/PV|LJ|TJ|SP|DT|HT|JT|HEP

Rosters (1893 to Present)

Men | Women

Meet Results (Outdoor & Indoor)

Past Results (1893 to Present) Use the drop-down menus to search the season you want.

Website Data files

As we’ve accumulated many files, we’ve resorted to using a few of those freebie hosting services to store our files. There’s nothing pretty about it, but it serves the purpose we need. Admittedly, we have fumbled around with this as most of the services investigated had storage limits. Fortunately we found a service with unlimited storage and have uploaded all the meet results to that server.

Here’s the rough breakdown:

USC-UCLA Dual meet results: LINK

Other files (All-American; NCAA; PCC; etc.): LINK

The following lists are spreadsheets done by Tracy Sundlun. They're .xlsx documents and are fantastic work. I think you'll like them a lot.

USC Conference Champions (.xl)

USC National Champions (.xl)

Heritage Award Winners (.xl)

USC World Records (.xl)

These .xl documents will download to your computer.

Database 2018 Media Guide Supplement (pdf)