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This is the data page for USC Track and Field. The database files attempt to list everyone who has competed for the USC Track Team and hopefully with a result. The basic research is pretty much donewith only corrections and omissions left to do. Please!!!! Look for your name. If it isn’t listed then contact me and I’ll add it in. Also, please have a result of your event. That’s the main purpose of this data list.

On a historical note, from 1894-1898 meets consisted of 11 events: 50; 100; 220; 440; mile; mile walk; high jump; pole vault; hammer; a one mile and two mile bicycle dash.No meet results could be found for 1899, but from what was published in the newspaper no meet was held because the organizing committees of the time could not come to terms to organize a meet. 1900 seems to be when the bicycle events were dropped from meets. Also in these early days, meets were called ‘athletic field days’ as opposed to a ‘track meet.’ It appears that in 1905 that “track meet” became the nomenclature used from then on.

Another interesting side note to all this is because only one meet a year was held in those early days, a few of the athletes show up in the results over a 5 or 6 year span. Until more information can be found to explain this, it will be assumed that the rules of eligibility were not precisely the same as what we’re used to today. 

As a result of this data research, there are USC Team Rosters from 1894 to the present. These are linked below. Please email me if you discover any omissions or errors. 

 Use this email ( to contact me. This database has been turned into a supplement to the media guide. 

Database Supplement (pdf)


Trojan Track Data Base & Rosters

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Please email meif you discover any errors or omissions.


These documents are formatted in landscape orientation and in 10pt Arial font. They will print out in a readable size and are several pages long.



As an unplanned for benefit, I was able to create some rosters for these past track teams. As you can imagine there is going to be a discrepancy or two with these lists. It’s unavoidable as the information I’m looking through has gaps that just cannot be overcome. Rosters are compiled using yearbooks, media guides and posted results.

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Please email me if you discover any errors or omissions.


Past Results - 1894 to present