Track & Field Results Link


One of our ongoing projects was to provide track meets results for USC T&F going back to the beginning of the program. We think we've done that, though we know we didn't find results for every meet  that the Trojans have competed in.

When we started collecting these clippings the quality wasn't very good, but the Times has improved the quality over time here and I've gone back to reclip the results and include the entire track article for each set of results where possible.

Coverage of track & field was rather good in the old days until about the 80s. T&F was typically a front page item in Sports section until then and the drop off rather noticeable.

It goes without saying that there could be a few missed articles in all this. If you happen to recognize an error or omission, please email us and we'll attempt to correct the error. A date will be a necessary piece of info so please include that in your reply. Fight on!