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Updates from USC Track & Field

25 & 50 Yr USC Track Reunions, Apr.30

See photos of the day.

Reunion Photos

USC Trojan Force | USC Track & Field data base
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USC Track & Field data base

[6/24/17 – Just filling in names and/or performance corrections.]


I’ve made a big push here over the last week and a half to get most of the list completed. By ‘completed’ I mean that I’ve added in names from 1908 to 1923. My last search I did was to go through the USC yearbooks, the El Rodeos. It’s nice the University has these all online, but even these sources are not always complete. <Sigh> Anyway, give the men’s list a good look over and let me know if you find any errors or omissions. And I’m not just being polite in asking this, I really do need people to scrutinize what I’ve done here. I want it to be accurate as possible. Please drop me an email if you discover something or if you have information that needs to be added.


The women’s list will be next. It’s been started, but I need a small break before I start to pound that one out.

Trojan Track Data Base

the Data Base worksheets
Men | Women

Please email me if you discover any errors or omissions.

Last updates: Men – 6/24/17 | Women – 4/21/17


I’ve made a couple of formatting changes. These documents are now in landscape orientation and in 10pt Arial font. They will print out in a readable size as compared to before (7pt font). They’re still several pages though.