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25 & 50 Yr USC Track Reunions, Apr.30

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USC Trojan Force | Trojan Olympians
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Trojan Olympians

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USC has sent more athletes to the Olympic Games (Summer and Winter) than any other university. From 1904 to 2016, there have been 423 athletes* who attended USC before, during or after their Olympic appearance. They have collected 288 medals* (135 gold*, 88 silver and 65 bronze), including at least one gold medal in every summer Olympics from 1912. *(More than any other U.S. university)

Since the 1912 Olympics, a Trojan has medaled in track & field in every Summer Olympics and has earned a gold medal in every Summer Game except 5 (’60, ’80, ’84, ’88 & ’00)

This list includes all Olympic non-coaching competitors who attended at least one class at USC before, during or after their Olympic appearance.